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Blurry but clear,

Colorful yet grey,

Wonderful yet dreary,

in an odd sort of way.


Words spoken,

Hearts broken,

Fantasies come true,

Nightmares feel like reality.


Millions of images,

Soar to you,

Erasing worries,

Freeing the mind.


Enjoying a world not of our kind,

Magical and amazing,

Land as free as the sky,

Yet it all disappears,

with a blink of an eye.




First Post

Well seemed fitting that the first post would come from the owner.

So here is a little something from my mind to yours.

Thoughts and comments are ALWAYS welcome!


~*A Friendly Smile*~

Everything has gone wrong today,

no one reacts to anything I say,

No matter how much I scream,

No matter how much I cry.

The world seems to be passing me by,

No one seems to notice or care.

But on one face a smile shines through,

A smile that knows and cares about me,

A smile with love to lend,

That can see into my soul,

by looking into my eyes,

On a face I recognize as a friend.